NEW !  HappyBottom is now available pre-cut to fit your pool.

HappyBottom Pool Pad can add years of life to a pool and its liner. Made from a special high density closed cell polyethylene foam, HappyBottom Pool Pad cushions and protects the pool liner. HappyBottom reduces the potential for liner failure due to punctures. It also acts as a barrier to keep corrosion causing elements in the soil away from the metal components of your pool. HappyBottom acts as an insulator under the pool, reducing heat loss to the ground. Reduced heat loss can save energy and extend your swimming season. A smooth, easy to clean bottom and reduced indentations are just a few of the benefits of using HappyBottom Pool Pad. Pool owners love the comfort and luxurious feel HappyBottom provides when it is used under a pool liner.

HappyBottom Pool Pad is easy to install. First, roll out sections of pad and cut them one foot longer than the (biggest, if oval) dimension of the pool. Next, seam enough 4 ft. wide sections together with Sure Seam Tape to cover the (smaller if oval) dimension of the pool. Finally, flip pad over so tape is facing the ground and build the entire pool on top of the pad. Trim off excess pad material after pool has been filled. HappyBottom is available in standard 1/4" thickness and extra-thick 1/2".

HappyBottom is a registered trademark of the Gladon Company. If it’s not Gladon, it’s NOT HappyBottom!

HappyBottom is NOT recommended as a barrier to stop Nut Grass. Select our Perfect Pool Bottom for this application. Click Here for Perfect Pool Bottom.

HappyBottom Pool Pad is not the same type of product as Gorilla Geotextile Pool Bottom. Geotextiles are one piece fabrics (cloth) that are much thinner than HappyBottom. Geotextiles are not a "pad" and don't provide a cushion under pool liners. Each of these products has unique characteristics that must be considered when selecting which product to use for a particular application. The table below summarizes important differences in these products and is provided to help you choose the right product.

Item#: PP1530EZQ
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  • Easy To Install
  • Extends Liner Life
  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Makes Bottom Cleaning Easier
  • High Density/Low Compression
  • May Eliminate The Need For Sand
  • Helps Protect Pool Liners From Punctures
  • Great For Pool Set Up On Concrete Or Asphalt
  • Minimizes Corrosion Of Metal Components
  • Standard 1/4" Thick and Extra-Thick 1/2" Version Available